Youthful voiceover

Show Reels

Narration Reel

My natural speaking voice has a youthhful millenial tone, bright and clear, with a neutral British/UK accent.

Commercial Reel

A collection of professional voice over styles, perfect for commercials and explainer videos. A range of styles - upbeat & enthusiastic, youthful & energetic, sombre & serious, or natural & conversational.

Gaming Reel

My gaming reel demonstrates my voice acting ability for a selection of more serious and realistic characters, appropriate for cinematic video games. Warning: Contains strong language

Dramatic Reel

My dramatic reel shows my ability to perform as an actor; a naturalistic style with powerful emotion. Warning: Contains strong language

Animation Reel

I can perform a selection of comical and wacky characters, perfect for animated characters in cartoons, video games, and other productions.

IVR Reel

I can also provide a voice for your IVR phone system or on-hold messaging, whether you need a professional corporate style, or a friendly "guy next door" feel.


Working With Me

I provide you with a premium service. I'm not in this just to exchange recorded lines for money - I take pride in the projects I'm a part of and want them to be the best they can be, just as much as you do.

By choosing me, you'll get the following features and benefits...

Studio Quality

I record from my home studio in Bristol, using professional recording equipment. You'll receive a clean broadcast quality audio file, ready to use.

Retakes and Edits

If something's not quite right, I will work with you to make changes to the script, and will strive to resolve any issues with the recording.

Get A Quote

I can provide a quote tailored to your project in £ GBP, € EUR or $ USD. I can even provide a no obligation test read or audition for your script.

Need It Fast?

Do you need the job done quick? I'll do my best to meet your deadline. I aim to provide a 24 hour turn around, and never "ghost" my clients - just contact me to book in a session.

Get The Right Style

How do you want your audience to feel when experiencing your production? Do you need to avoid sounding like a sales pitch? Or perhaps you need some enthusiasm and energy? The voice over style helps communicate your message, so it's important that it fits with your project.

I can perform a variety of different styles demonstrated in my show reels.

Better yet, you can listen in and direct the recording session live via phone or your preferred service (Teams, Zoom, etc).


I can provide script writing and proof reading services. I'll work with you to make sure your script flows well and communicates your message clearly. A confusing message could make all your hard work for nothing!

I also offer more advanced editing, such as mixing in music, or syncing audio to video. Include any details in your request.



To request a free quote or custom samples for your project, please send an email to [email protected].

Project Types

Though I specialise in voiceover for narrations, explainer videos and e-learning, I'm versatile, and can also provide professional voice recordings for:
Commercials, video games, animations, podcasts, presentations, whiteboards, IVR, and audio dramas.

New Projects

If you are writing to ask for a quote or enquiring about a project, to speed things up, it helps to include the following in your request:

  • The script length (word count) or the script itself
  • Some direction on the style in which you would like the script read
  • The project type (eg. web explainer, radio ad, TV commercial, video game, internal business presentation etc.)
  • The project deadline - when you need the job to be done by



My natural voice is best described as Young Adult British Male - bright and enthusiastic, with a neutral UK accent. The engaging millenial style of my voice suits explainer videos perfectly. I'm also often asked to voice teens and young adults, and productions aimed at kids.


I love to design and create, whether it's engineering, designing a website, playing piano, photography & editing, or writing and producing my show reels!

I currently live in Bristol, UK, which is a fantastic city. In my spare time I enjoy cycling, climbing, photography, cooking, play a variety of instruments (most notably piano and guitar), and love gaming.


Growing up in the suburbs of North West London, I was a bit of a geek: I loved video games, and science & technology.

At school I was interested in an oddly wide range of subjects, from the sciences to the arts. I loved physics & maths as well as music, media studies, art & drama.

I went on to study Mechanical Engineering at University, and then moved to Bristol, where I worked as an R&D Engineer for 5 years, doing a mixture of science and design. Eventually, I had enough of the office life, and left for greener pastures.

I was always intrigued by Voice Acting, I would watch the "behind the scenes" footage of voice actors working, and thought it looked like immense fun. My love of gaming, as well as my creative experience in music and acting, led me to pursue a career as a Professional Voice Over Artist.

Hugh Edwards, Peter Dickson, and Penny Rawlins trained and mentored me as Voice Artist, and I've been doing it ever since.

Bristol Voiceover